28 September 2021
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How to Lose Weight – Follow These 3 Simple Principles.

How to Lose Weight – Follow These 3 Simple Principles.

Attempting to lose weight and burn excess fat is a long term process and should be undertaken as a long term project.

To lose weight in the long term project involves investing time, effort and products you will need. Investing time is self discipline and you have to use your own common sense. If you go with your instinct, then do so. Do not be brainwashed by media, friends, advertisements, hype etc.

In my experience of losing weight with diet and exercise methods, the answer for most people is following these three simple steps.

  • 1. Starting with the right mindset and engaging in a long term diet and exercise program.
  • 2. Learning to eat right and stimulating your body slightly.
  • 3. Controlling and lowering the temptation to eat fattening food and drinks.


For any long term method to be successful, both your body and your mind is geared and geared towards the same objective – you need to make your body the ultimate partner in your long term diet and exercise program. Start with the end in mind and your body will follow. When you embarking on this journey be open and honest with yourself.

Set a time line when you think your body can achieve your goal and set yourself a fixed goal that can be achieved independently of other factors

For most people that are overweight, burning fat is the critical stage and this stage can be extremely long and tedious.

The risk factors are numerous, but one thing to remember is that losing weight is about learning to live the life you truly desire. If you want to loose about 50 pounds, forget about moving half the house, any diet and exercise method that doesn’t make you happy is a hate to you.

Find out how and when you can eat the things you want. Learning to eat good and bad is important and the key to long term success. Find and set yourself where you want to be and let your body be the partner in the project. Make your body work with your weight loss diet plan and exercises.

Gradually increase your fitness capabilities, in combination with more moderate and realistic diet plans. Don’t imagine you are going somewhere on a diet you are never going to visit.


The kind of diet and exercise methods for burning fat are out of date and out of touch with today’s living conditions.

People up till a few years ago have actually been used to using such methods, but up till now their results have been short lived and temporary. You can buy expensive personal trainers and health clubs can suggest you all kinds of ways to burn fat, but client testimonials and average people have rarely been on the right track.

Realistic disciplined learning and training methods for losing extra weight and keeping it off is the proven way to lose weight and keep it off. Trainers can tell you how to get rid of fat and show you real results, but you and I know better. The fat is long gone when an average person decide to burn fat.

You can also read about many people who have experimented with such methods and found that diets don’t work.

So how can ordinary people possibly have the knowledge, technology and the correct mindset for losing the fat once and for all? Easy, it’s learning the process and understanding how the body and metabolism works. Knowledge about how this world works and use this knowledge to lose weight and improve your overall health. Easy diet and exercise methods can lead to the same result, making you and your body happier together.

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